Responsive Website Design for Small Business

What does your website say about your business? Industry leader or behind the times follower? Every business needs a professional, updated web presence to compete. Get responsive website design at an affordable price.
Custom Websites

Form, Function and Purpose. We craft custom websites to help you achieve your goals.  We utilize the latest techniques, HTML5 and CSS3 to create your website from scratch.

Website Redesign

Is your website old and outdated? Does your website look bad on mobile devices? Do you want a new website that is affordable?  We can provide your business a new look. Get an instant quote.

Online Stores

Looking to sell your products or services online? Do you need a members only website? Let us design your business an attractive ecommerce solution that is easy to manage.


We use WordPress as a platform to build dynamic, beautiful, high performance websites. WordPress is the most popular and most supported content management system.

Responsive Design

Websites that employ responsive website design that look and work their best on every screen and device. We incorporate responsive design into every website project, new and redesigns.

Search Engine Optimization

Business owners know location is everything. Let our SEO partners apply today's search engine optimization strategies and techniques to increase your search rankings.

Ready to get a quote for your project?

How Much Should Reponsive Website Design Cost?

That is an excellent question and one that can be hard to nail down when talking to responsive website design providers.  The typical answer you get is - "It depends," and that is a fair answer. Prices for websites can vary and are dependent on what features you need.  However, there are still general ranges.

Basic custom-designed website (1-10 pages): $750-$10,000

This category represents most small to medium size businesses.  On average, your typical small business site generally costs between $2,000-$6,000.

Complex websites (+10 pages or sites with lots of programming): $10,000-$25,000

This category typically represents large businesses, complex ecommerce sites, and sites with custom programmed applications.

Can I get a custom site for less than $1,000?

Probably, but we seriously doubt that you will like it.  The lowest cost websites will most likely be developed by someone overseas. The web sites are typically are very low quality and the working with the companies is notoriously difficult due to time zone and language barrier issues.  Would you trust someone to craft you critical online presence who's first language isn't English?

Need support for an existing site?

Do you already have a rocking website but need help making updates, supporting issues, and managing the server? We would love to be your webmaster and can tailor a hosting and support program to fit your specific need.

WordPress Responsive Website Design

We use the WordPress platform to build beautiful, scalable, responsive, high-performing websites that look good on any device. WordPress is, by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), used by more than 75 million websites. WordPress is powerful, flexible, and widely supported. At VSA Solutions, we don't modify cheap themes that are used by other businesses. We craft a custom, unique websites tailored specifically to your marketing objects and the personality of your company. Take a look at some of our latest projects or visit our idea center to get creative ideas.